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Stripless Hard Wax

Stripless Hard wax sells stripfree hard wax in wax grains, in discs of 20 grams and in blocks of a kilogram. 

Stripless Hard wax is mainly suitable for depilation of sensitive parts such as face, armpit and bikini line. Hard wax is also particularly suitable for performing a Brazilian wax on women and men. Classic hard wax is less suitable (a lot of wax is required and waxing is time-consuming) for larger surfaces such as leg, back and chest.

If you also want to depilate these areas with hard wax, then use one of our Flexiwaxes.

How does stripless hard wax work?

Stripfree Hard wax does not work because of stickiness, but due to the encapsulation of the hairs. During cooling and hardening, the fluid wax will shrink slightly. Due to this shrinkage, the hairs will be properly anchored in the wax. The more the wax can cool and shrink, the better the hard wax will be able to do its job, and thin, fine and/or short hairs can be removed as well.

The correct application temperature of stripfree hard wax

What is the correct application temperature? The hard wax should not be too hot, or else it will be too fluid, it will not/barely stick to a spatula and you are likely to get burnt. But the wax should certainly not be too cold either, or else it will not have the optimum effect. The wax should actually be applied on the hairs as warm and fluid as possible. It should be as warm as possible, but indeed at a temperature that makes the wax easy to apply with a spatula and at which you do not burn yourself either.

Indeed, sufficiently warm wax will be able to easily flow AROUND the hairs, allowing them to be optimally encapsulated. Sufficiently warm wax will also be able to shrink optimally after application – during cooling – as a result of which the hairs will be extra firmly anchored in the wax.


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