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Brazilian wax: can you do this yourself at home?

Brazilian wax: can you do this yourself at home?

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Brazilian wax: can you do this yourself at home?

Brazilian wax: what is it?

A Brazilian wax is removing pubic hair with wax. Having developed from waxing the bikini line, a Brazilian wax is no more or less than a very extensive bikini wax. With a proper Brazilian wax, only a thin line of pubic hair will remain after waxing, just above the labia. In America, the Brazilian wax has been very popular for years. And in the Netherlands, too, Brazilian wax salons are currently springing up everywhere.

Brazilian wax: which wax to use?

For women, a Brazilian wax is possible both with hard, stripless wax and with fluid strip wax. Please note that a Brazilian wax with hard, stripless wax is always far less sensitive than a Brazilian wax with fluid strip wax. After all, hard, stripless wax barely sticks to the skin. Of course, you will feel something when several hairs are pulled out at once with wax. But the "plaster effect" of waxing is entirely non-existent with hard, stripless wax.

For men, a Brazilian wax – also known as a boyzilian wax or a boyzilian – is only possible with hard, stripless wax. The skin of the male sex organ is so thin and vulnerable locally that wax treatment with fluid strip wax is NOT a good idea. The boyzilian has gained popularity rapidly over the past months.

Brazilian wax: do it yourself?

This site focuses on information and tips about waxing yourself at home. Suppose you value your privacy and do not feel like lying down with your legs spread for a total stranger other than your doctor or gynaecologist? You could consider a Brazilian wax. But then at home? To be performed by yourself or your partner? The key question in this context is therefore: can you do a Brazilian wax yourself? Although certain people may want to have you believe otherwise, waxing is not difficult. Applying strips of wax and subsequently removing this wax is not something that will require days of training. It does take a bit of common sense, because there are a number of things to pay attention to. In addition, a good wax heater with adjustable thermostat is indispensable with a Brazilian wax, allowing you to focus on the waxing itself, instead of constantly having to check the temperature of your wax.

Brazilian wax: performing it on yourself

There is actually one potential problem when performing a Brazilian wax on yourself. You should be able to reach the spots yourself. Although a mirror offers a solution for the rear parts, performing a Brazilian wax on yourself is not a good idea if you are seven months pregnant or have back problems. In that case, it is more sensible to enlist the help of your partner. Think about this before you begin.


Brazilian wax: performing it on somebody else or having it performed by somebody else

The advantage of having a Brazilian wax performed by somebody else or performing it on somebody else is that location problems are no longer an issue. You can really reach everything! It is perhaps not something you would suggest to an arbitrary acquaintance. But asking your partner or a sister for help is a good idea. You can then perform it on one another.

Brazilian wax: how do I do that?

1) With hard, stripless wax. Although women have a choice, I prefer a Brazilian wax with hard, stripless wax for women as well. This is far less sensitive!

2) With a wax heater with adjustable thermostat so that you do not need to worry about the temperature while waxing.

3) Taking small steps at a time. The area near the labia is round, soft and has loose parts (the inner lips). So you wax small sections at a time there, which enables you to stretch the skin properly. Moreover, you begin the Brazilian wax with a bikini wax that you extend more and more.

4) With enough wooden disposable spatulas and sufficient pressure. The hairs have to be properly encapsulated with wax. So you need to apply sufficient pressure on your spatula on a soft surface in order to supply the hairs with wax all the way to the skin.

5) With sufficient warm wax: when waxing, you should not keep using your wax for too long. At some point, the wax on the spatula will turn too cold and will therefore not be able to flow around the hairs as well. So you take a spatula with warm wax. You resolutely smear it on your skin while the wax is still properly warm. Then you use new warm wax, and so on.

6) Hygienically: if you perform a Brazilian wax on somebody else or have it performed on yourself by somebody, you must pay particular attention to hygiene. After all, you may come into contact with somebody else’s bodily fluids. Latex or nitrile gloves are a good idea in this case. And you should each use your own can of wax.


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