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Waxing your legs yourself: how to do it. Tips and tricks

Waxing your legs yourself: how to do it. Tips and tricks

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Waxing your legs yourself: how to do it. Tips and tricks

Waxing your legs yourself, how difficult is it?

As a wax virgin, you have never waxed before. But the epilator is a disaster and shaving is not much better. Do you wonder if waxing your legs yourself could be for you? How difficult is it to wax your own legs if you have never done it before? You google and read horror stories because bad experiences will receive more coverage online than good experiences. Waxing your legs yourself is not difficult if you use your common sense and good waxing products. Waxing your own legs is not difficult, not even for absolute beginners! And although the first time may be somewhat strange and awkward – especially pulling off that first waxing strip - you will be fairly accomplished in three to four weeks’ time when you wax again.

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Waxing your legs yourself starts with good waxing products

The fastest and easiest way to wax legs is with a wax cartridge heater with wax rollers. You use a wax cartridge with a large roller to wax your legs. This will allow you to roll nice and quickly. The special start kits from enable you to select the ideal wax cartridge yourself. You can roughly choose from three types of wax:

    1. Transparent, sticky wax such as the honey wax and the classic blue or classic green wax. This is the traditional wax that is suitable for normal skin and/or rigid and/or shorter hairs.
    2. Non-transparent, creamy waxes with titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a powder that thickens the wax somewhat and ensures that the wax does not stick to the skin as much. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The most frequently sold titanium dioxide wax from is the TiO2 Rosa wax. But the Classic White wax, for example, also belongs to this group.
    3. Anti-allergic wax. A small percentage of people are allergic to hair removal wax. This usually concerns the group of people who are also allergic to brown plasters. They are especially allergic to colophony or rosin. In this case, select a wax without colophony or related products.

Try out the various wax types on various body parts

    The honey wax is my most frequently sold wax. It also looks and feels most like a real wax. I also sell a lot of the waxes with titanium dioxide for sensitive skin, but this wax feels less like wax. Some people do not think much of this and compare this wax with chewing gum? (On a personal note – this is my blog after all – I prefer to use the honey wax for my legs because it is so sticky and therefore also waxes shorter hairs well and fast. I use the TiO2 wax when I want to wax my arms without the help of other people. This wax sticks considerably less to the skin, as a result of which it is not a problem that I am not able to stretch the skin of my arm properly when removing the wax. After all, I don’t have a free hand).


Waxing your legs yourself starts with reading the manual

Waxing does not lend itself to a trial and error method. It is self-evident, but waxing (your legs) yourself starts by reading the ENTIRE manual IN ADVANCE. And you should also carefully read all the various steps while waxing. Finally, if you also read the manual once again after waxing, you may come across a few points for improvement or may understand better why you had to do something in a certain way.

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Waxing your legs yourself starts with good preparation of the skin

The wax in the wax cartridges will always be so-called "oil-soluble" or "liposoluble" wax. It is important that you take this into account by ensuring the skin is properly clean, dry and especially grease-free before you start. This is why it is better to wax before you shower because many shower creams and suchlike leave a creamy layer on the skin. Therefore it is better not to apply too many body lotions and/or skin oil on the skin on the day before you are going to wax. This is why you should always use a pre-treatment lotion before you start. This is why it is also better to always put talcum powder on the skin before applying the wax. Even if your skin is not particularly greasy or oily, talcum powder always makes waxing more pleasant (read: less painful), because the use of talcum powder causes the wax to stick less to the skin. This always reduces the "plaster" feeling of waxing.


Waxing your legs yourself starts with applying the wax in the correct way

The wax in the wax cartridge is applied in the direction of the hair growth. So on the legs this is from the knee towards the foot. The wax roller will roll easily if the roller mechanism contains warm wax. So hold the wax heater upside down so that the warm wax can flow to the roller. Then roll a couple of times on a clean waxing strip until the wax roller runs well and smoothly. You can also do this on the leg itself, but the still slightly rigid roller will then perhaps pull slightly on the first 10 centimetres of hairy skin. Also ensure that the roller is at the lowest point when rolling. If you lay your leg on another chair when waxing – horizontally – it will automatically go well. However, if you hold your legs vertically, then do make sure that the wax heater is upside down and that the roller is at the lowest point. If not, the wax will not flow well to the roller (a matter of gravity!). Do not immediately wax your entire leg, but make sure that you have a bit of waxless skin left where you can stretch the skin (see below) when removing the hair removal strip.


Waxing your legs yourself starts with correctly removing the waxing strip

Then you press 3/4 part of the hair removal strip on the wax, rubbing over it several times so that wax and strip stick to one another. Then you hold about a quarter of the strip with no wax on it. This quarter is the part that is closest to the foot, because the strip needs to be pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. You pull it off as follows:

  1. In the opposite direction of the hair growth and in a quick, decisive way. With the speed and decisiveness you would use to remove a plaster from somebody else. Not hesitantly or slowly. But as my mother, the beautician, used to do; with a certain fierceness.
  2. Along the skin or parallel to the skin. So not from the skin. It looks a bit like rolling down along the skin, on the basis that it should happen quickly and decisively.


remove waxing strip along the skin

This is the CORRECT way. The strip is removed along the skin. Parallel to the skin.


  1. While removing the waxing strip with one hand, you keep the skin taut and stretched with the other hand. The skin must not be pulled upwards when removing the wax. The skin on your shin is indeed fairly tight in itself. Not a great deal can go wrong there. But if you do not train yourself to properly stretch the skin with your other free hand, you will immediately notice this on your upper leg (and especially on the inside of your upper leg).
  2. Immediately after you have removed the waxing strip with wax AND hairs, you briefly rub the newly-waxed skin with your hand (For the bonus point: why do you rub the newly-waxed skin with your hand immediately after waxing?)

It is certainly possible to use a depilatory waxing strip on the legs three to four times for removing the wax. The layer of wax (with the hairs in it) will then become slightly thicker every time. You then fold it double and dispose of it.


Waxing your legs yourself ends with the removal of the final remnants of wax

Once you are all done with the waxing, then you remove the last bits of wax with post-treatment oil. After all, the wax is oil-soluble. Do not use a tissue or cotton pad, this will not work. Put a little oil in the palm of your hand and apply the oil on your leg using massaging movements. The combination of oil, warmth and movement will do the trick. Should you have made an incorrect movement during the waxing, resulting in wax going on your hands, then also remove this with oil, but ensure that your hand is grease-free again afterwards, otherwise you will contaminate your waxing area and the wax will dissolve and/or not work.

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Finally, waxing your legs yourself ends with a feeling of relief and satisfaction and the knowledge that – provided good waxing products and a little common sense is used – it is indeed not difficult to wax your legs yourself at home.

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