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Does waxing hurt?

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Does waxing hurt?

Everyone experiences pain in a different way. Some people will hardly feel anything while waxing. For most people, waxing is well tolerated - even on sensitive parts. In any case, it doesn’t last long. What waxing feels like, depends on several factors:

Pain threshold

Not only the pain threshold varies per person. Also, a person will have a different threshold of pain depending on the time of day, and the area that will be depilated.

Waxing method

The removal of hair with hard wax is less painful than the removal of hair with liquid wax, as hard wax adheres mainly to the hair and less to the skin. In general, liquid wax is used on larger areas, that are relatively less sensitive (legs, arms, back and chest) and hard wax on smaller, more sensitive areas (face, armpits, and bikini line). Depending on your personal sensitivity, you may also choose to depilate your armpit or face with liquid wax, or removing chest hair with hard wax,

Time of the month

Some girls or women find waxing uncomfortable from one week before their period until the 3rd day after.  If you belong to that group, depilate in the remaining 2.5 week of the month

Do you have any tips for painless waxing?

Underneath you will find some tips that might make waxing less painful:

Improve your techniques

Waxing is not that difficult, but you have to pay attention to a few things. It helps to tighten the skin while pulling off the wax. This is essential with any type of wax. For other technical tips, see the various waxing methods;

State of mind

Make sure you are not too stressed. Adrenaline and excitement reinforce the feeling of pain. Try to be calm and relaxed when you are depilating; make sure you sit or lie as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Take off tight clothing and shoes. Wear loose clothes. Put on a fan. Play your favourite music.

Too long hair

Usually, waxing is most sensitive when you do it for the first time. In any case, make sure your hairs are not too long. If possible, trim them to approximately 0,5-1 centimetres of length;

Avoid stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine and sugar can make you more sensitive. Avoid them. Some people prefer to wax immediately after a meal. If you are one of them, wax after a meal in the future. And think about what time of the day you would like to wax. Early in the morning, or late at night when you are a bit sleepy. Or at the contrary, when you are well rested;


In the United States they recommend certain prescription medications to numb the pain during waxing. Don’t do this! If the pain is so bad that you would consider using medications (prescription free or over-the counter), please find another method of hair removal. Waxing is probably not for you;

Most important tip for painless waxing: Press and rub

Press your hand or fingers on the spot that has been waxed and rub. You’ll see it works!

Ask for help

Do it together with your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mom or aunt. That’s not only fun, it also distracts you from the pain, and you will have two extra hands to tighten the skin and you’ll have optimal access.

Take it easy in the beginning, start with waxing on the less sensitive parts

Don’t start your waxing experiences with a full body wax or waxing your bikini line. In the beginning, just do small pieces at the time. Gradually increase the waxing, and with that, your waxing experience.

Do the sensitive parts at the end

This way, you’re done after you finish waxing the sensitive parts. But you also might want to do the sensitive parts first. Then you’ve got it over with.  So it all depends on what you want.


Exercising before you start waxing, may reduce the discomfort. There is no scientific research to prove this, but it does make sense. Indeed, when you exercise, you stress level goes down, and the endorphin production increases. So first to the gym, then wax.

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