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Does hair growth decrease after waxing

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FAQ: Does hair growth decrease after waxing?

Although waxing itself has no effect on the growth of existing hair, in practice it is a known phenomenon that some hairs - if they are being pulled out often and regularly -  finally seem to "give up". Just think of these ladies in the past that used to have their eyebrows plucked, often and rigorously. The use of hair growth inhibitors as Slow Growth by The Waxing Shop is an extra encouragement for this giving up-process.

Wax all year round

However, there is one condition and that is that the waxing should be done regularly - in any case all year round (rather than only on sunny days). Please note that waxing / hair removal will never lead to the complete disappearance of hair growth. After all, some hairs are just like weeds. They keep coming back.

Optical effect of waxing

A direct benefit of waxing is that the hairs come back with a relatively thin hair end. That’s why, optically the hair growth appears to be less. This is contrary to hair removal with hair removal cream or razors, where the hairs that grow back are blunt (the "stubble"). Because of this regrowth with a hair end instead of a stubble, the regrowth will always be thinner and lighter than when you remove hair with a razor or a hair removal cream.

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